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Create Discord Games!

Dreamlab is the tool for easily building and deploying Discord apps.

Scripting Update

Scripting has become easier! Create a world to try it out!

Multiplayer Improvements

We have made significant improvements to our multiplayer server for a smoother gaming experience.

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Build Anywhere, Publish Everywhere

Dreamlab is built for the web, allowing you to develop and play games on any modern browser. Publish your games as standalone web apps or even as Discord apps.

Web-Based Development

Develop your games directly in the browser using Dreamlab's powerful tools and editor.

Publish Everywhere

Publish your games as standalone web apps or inside Discord as Discord Activities.

Dreamlab's Roadmap

We're constantly working to improve Dreamlab and bring you the best features for creating amazing multiplayer games.

Character Creator

Create fully animated characters from simple descriptions.

Multiplayer Server

Collaborate and play in real-time with friends.

Level Editor

Design your own levels and script unique behaviors.

AI Assistant

Speed up game development with our AI scripting assistant.

Sample Projects

Jumpstart your game creation with platformer and top-down starter projects.

3D Support

Build games in 3D in addition to 2D!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features!

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